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Sleeping Tushy found a real winner with this new update. This chick went in for a massage, fell asleep and ended up getting her ass toyed. She didn’t know the masseuse had a sleeping fetish, but she sure knows now and the hot sleeping fetish movies of the action are pretty intense.

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She went into her favorite spa for a massage and as the guy rubbed her down she got so relaxed she fell asleep. The horny masseuse decided to see how far he could push it. He rubbed her ass and legs and even rubbed her pussy. He was living out a major sleeping fetish as he peeled off her panties and started rubbing her asshole.

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He got out a vibrator and just as he pressed it against her ass she woke up. She wasn’t mad, she was turned on and moaned. She got up on all fours and let him slide the toy into her ass while he reached under and fingered her pussy. He fucked her ass hard with that toy and made her cum good. That is a full service massage for sure!


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Sleeping Tushy has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with this new red hot update. This update features some hot sleeping sex movies and a couple of smoking hot babes. I loved it so much I had to share a couple of pictures with you.

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Sara ordered a pizza for she and her roommate to have for lunch. When the pizza came she paid the deliver guy then when she walked into the living room she saw her roommate sleeping on the couch. She looked adorable on the couch in her shirt and panties so Sara decided that wanted to eat some ass instead of pizza.

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She pulled the sleeping girl’s panties down and felt her sweet ass. As her mouth began to water she spread those cheeks wide open and pressed her tongue right against that sweet asshole. She lived out her raging sleeping fetish and gave this sleeping girl a full rim job. As the girl started to stir she stopped tossing salad, pulled the girl’s panties up and offered her some pizza.


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I am in love with this new update from Sleeping Tushy. A smoking hot college freshman fell asleep in a class room and got her ass licked by a classmate. It is sleeping fetish ass licking fun at its finest. Here are a couple of the hot pictures from the update for you to enjoy.

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Gina came into the classroom because she forgot something in there earlier in the day. She saw one of her sexy classmates catching a nap right on the desk. The sleeping girl’s skirt had ridden up and her cute panties and ass sticking out. Gina couldn’t resist so she reached over grabbed that ass. When the sleeping girl didn’t wake up Gina pulled the panties off and felt her bare ass.

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She leaned in and licked her ass right there on desk. That ass was so tight Gina could barely get her tongue between her cheeks. She rolled the sleeping girl over, spread her cheeks open and really tossed her salad. Gina has a major sleeping fetish and getting to give this sleeping girl a full rim job really turned her on. She heard some people outside the classroom so she got up and got out of there before she got caught.


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Forget kissing a girl, the girls at Sleeping Tushy want to lick a girl’s ass. They just added a new update to the site and it is red hot. The sleeping fetish movies look great and are a blast. Here are some hot pics taken from the scene showing these hot babes getting freaky. Enjoy.

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Lilly woke up the morning after the party and came out into the living room where she saw a sleeping girl on floor. She looked so hot laying on the floor in her shirt and panties that Lilly, who loves girls and has a total sleeping fetish, couldn’t hold back. She knelt down and slowly took the sleeping girl’s panties off.

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Once she was bare assed Lilly leaned in and slid her tongue right into the sleeping girl’s ass. She tossed her salad and licked her ass clean. Having this sleeping sex with the babe got Lilly so hot she had to start rubbing her pussy. As she ate that ass the girl started to wake up so Lilly bolted and left the girl to wonder how she ended up bottomless with a wet ass.


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I love when Sleeping Tushy catches some action where things happen that you don’t expect. The sleeping fetish movies in this new update feature some very hot action where a sexy babe spends the night at a friends not knowing her friend has a total sleeping fetish and is into girls!

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It started out innocently enough. The two girls hung out one night at Mandy’s house and had some wine. At the end of the night Jill didn’t want to drive so she crashed on Mandy’s floor. When Mandy got up in the morning and saw the hot sleeping girl on her living room floor it sent her sleeping fetish into over drive.

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She knelt down and felt Jill’s ass. When Jill didn’t move Mandy slowly slid Jill’s panties down. She bent over and buried her face in Jill’s tight ass, giving her a rim job that would make her cum if she were awake. Jill slept through all the oral sleeping sex as Mandy licked her and and tongue fucked her. Later, when Jill woke she wondered why her ass was wet tingly, but she had no idea it was because Mandy had eaten it for breakfast.


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With this new update Sleeping Tushy has brought me one of my favorite things in the world. They have a smoking hot, exotic looking girl asleep and she ends up getting her ass licked. It is one of the hottest sleeping fetish movies I have seen in a long time. Here are some shots from it.

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This hot sleeping girl was catching some shut eye on the couch wearing just a little shirt and cute little panties. Her friend stopped by to see her and found her sleeping. She took one look at her sweet ass and her mouth started to water. While she was still sleeping the friend walked over and grabbed the sleeping girl’s ass. When she didn’t wake up she decided to take it up a notch.

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She pulled the sleeping girl’s panties down and felt her bare ass then she spread her ass wide open and slid her tongue inside it. She licked her ass deep, putting her tongue inside and tasting her as she tossed salad on her. She has a total sleeping fetish and this sleeping sex was an oral explosion she had been hungry for. She ate that ass until she got her fill then pulled the panties up and left her to continue her nap.


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Sleeping Tushy never fails to find kinky hotties that have total sleeping fetishes. This new update has a red hot babe that loves tossing salad and is totally into other girls. She finally got a chance to live her sleeping fetish out and these ass licking movies show all the hot action.

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This hottie named Carrie came into the living room of the frat house she lives in and saw one of her hot roommates taking a nap on the couch. She looked so sexy in her lacy panties that Carrie had to get a taste. She leaned down and pulled the panties aside. The sleeping girl never moved as Carrie slid her tongue right into the sleeping babe’s ass.

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She licked that ass and loved the taste. The feel of her ass on that tongue made Carrie’s pussy wet. She gave her wet rim job while that babe slept and licked her clean. As her hot roommate started to stir she put the panties back in place and took off. The sleeping girl never knew she had just had her salad tossed.


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It always amazes me just how kinky some of these hot girls are. They look sweet and innocent, but judging by this new update at Sleeping Tushy they are certainly not. This sleeping fetish update has some red hot action in it where a sexy college coed licks her hot roommate’s ass while she is asleep. The sleeping fetish movies sizzle so I thought I would send them to you and let you check them out.

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Paula came home from class and found her hot roommate sleeping on the couch. Her sweet ass looked so good that Paula couldn’t help herself. She walked over grabbed it. When her roommate didn’t wake up she decided to see if she could pull her panties down. Once she had her bare assed her roommate rolled over and stretched, but when right back to sleep.

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Paula took her chance. She leaned in and licked her roommate’s ass. With her tongue buried in that ass she tossed her salad and got a great taste of that tight rump. She licked her deep, rimming her sleeping ass then as she stirred and started to wake up Paula jumped up and headed into the other room. She had finally gotten to live out her sleeping fetish.


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Sleeping Tushy knows how hot it is to see a sexy sleeping girl get her ass spread open and licked. This new update on their site has a sleeping fetish movie in it that is so red hot it will make you reach for some ice to cool down. I thought the sleeping girl was so sexy I just had to share it with you.

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Heidi came home from class and caught her sexy roommate napping on the couch. The sleeping girl has such a hot body and the way she was curled up on the couch her tits had popped out the top of her shirt. Heidi watched as she rolled over onto her stomach. With one look at that ass Heidi knew she had to taste it.

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She slid her hand up under her sleeping roommate’s panties then pulled her panties to the side so she could lick her ass. She slid her tongue between those sweet cheeks and found out her roommate’s tight ass tasted like a peach. As she licked her Heidi felt her pussy start to get wet so she reached down and started to rub herself through her jeans. She licked her ass for a while then went to her bedroom to get naked and get out her favorite toy.


She finds her roommate sleeping and lives out her sleeping fetish lust.

I love it when Sleeping Tushy finds regular girls who are hot and look all sweet and innocent then you find out they are total freaks with a huge sleep fetish. This new update offers up a great sleeping fetish movie with one hot babe licking her roommate’s tight ass.

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Kara came home from work and found her roommate asleep on the couch. When she pulled back the blanket she saw that her roommate was just in a shirt and panties. She has a total sleep fetish and wanted to lick her ass. Kara pulled her roommate’s panties down and the girl didn’t budge.

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She leaned in spread her ass open. Her roommate moved a little, but didn’t wake up so Kara pressed her tongue against her roommate’s tight ass. She licked her ass deep, fully tossing her salad and giving her a sleeping rim job. As her roommate started to stir she put the blanket back over her and took off. Kara was so wet from the ass licking she was going to have to go finger herself.